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Product Development

Hindustan Animal Feeds (HAF) has appointed experienced Nutritionists who conduct extensive Research and Development activities time to time. This includes feeding trials on birds and animals of different breeds for several days, and late on the basis of the results we formulate a reliable range of perfectly blended poultry & animal feeds. Further, we strive for maximum utilization of animals genetic potential in order to assure best possible output in terms of Milk, Meat & Egg Quality. Lately, our team of nutritionists & research personnel has discovered certain vital nutrients for animal & poultry feeds that help in excelling the performance.

Generally, the evaluation of animal feeds is carried out on the basis of available percentage of Protein, Oil, Fiber, etc., and nutrition in the feed & effective feed utilization factor is ignored. In our company, we consider the Feed Utilization Factor termed as TDN (Total Digestible Nutrients). Our intensive researches enable us in developing a scientifically sound product line. Our meticulous efforts for manufacturing new generation and advanced Yellow Corn Meal, Zoo Animal Feed, Zebra Feed, Parrot Feed, Wheat Bran, etc. makes us a distinguished market player.

Our Product Range

Hindustan Animal Feeds is more often termed as Animal Nutrition Capital of the World, because of its widest product range. There's hardly any Animal Feed Company producing such a widest product range under one roof with utmost scientific precision. For our customers Hindustan Animal Feeds is a Animal Nutrition Mall, as we provide One Stop Shop Facility for diversified Animal Nutrition solutions. In the current phase we offer more than 400 products of extremely high precision for different types of Animals and Birds in Mash Form.

Our broad gamut comprises:

Alpaca Feed Emu Feed Sorghum Meal
Bear Feed Feline Feed Sheep Feed
Aqua Feed Game Bird Feed Tiger Feed
Bison Feed Flamingo Feed Turkey Feed
Cattle Feed Goat Feed Turtle Feed
Camel Feed Kangaroo Feed Tortoise Feed
Chicken Feed Horse Feed Yellow Corn Meal
Deer Feed Lab Animal Diets Zoo Animal Feed
Crocodile Feed Alfalfa Hay Pellet
Zebra Feed
Dry Fodder Lama Feed Elephant Feed
Duck Feed Pig Feed Parrot Feed
Pigeon Feed Poultry Feed Wheat Bran
Quail Feed Rabbit Feed Rodent Feed

Prepared after extensive research, our brand of products provide full nutritional value and wholesome tonic to the animals. Following are some of the salient features of our range:

  • Provide all Essential Amino Acids required for Milk, Meat and Egg production
  • Fortified with essential naturally available and blended minerals and vitamins
  • Good quality specific ingredients are used to enhance palatability
  • Help in sustaining high productivity for a longer time
  • Help to achieve milk, meat and egg production up to the full genetic potential
  • Helps to improve the Fiber digestion in Ruminants to a great extent
  • Improve extravagant weight gain in Meat / Beef Animals
  • Improve general nutritional status of the animal, thus, improving productivity
  • Make the animals less prone to metabolic disorders and nutritional deficiency syndromes
  • Repeat breeding problems are reduced
  • Contain relatively high proportion of good quality proteins that are not disintegrated in the rumen; these supply the required amounts of amino acid to the intestines
  • Feed production is done on the Basis of Bio Energy Latest Technology imported from the European Union, which enables the animal to get right sourcing of Natural Nutrients - NATURE FEEDS NATURE.

Quality Control & Infrastructure

Each and every process is executed by experts who possess in-depth knowledge of the respective discipline. Moreover, our entire range of animal and poultry feed products is packed using world class packaging material. This further helps in ensuring safe and uncontaminated transportation.

In order to keep pace with the growing market demands as well as work in sync with latest technologies, we have constructed a well established infrastructure. Our production facility is endowed with cutting edge technologies and experienced manpower to execute every task efficiently.

Production System

Processes like heat treatment, chemical treatment, etc. are regnant in the feed manufacturing industry, as it degrades the natural property of feed ingredients and a whole new product is obtained. We, at Hindustan Animal Feed, have an in-house production line in which the size reduction process of different ingredients is carried out in sync with modern technology (Jet Grinding System). This procedure enables us to retain the natural quality of the animal feeds. 

Development & Expansion

With the passing years, we set several benchmarks in the domain and scaled to newer heights. As a result, two more production lines were set by us, with the total capacity 450 Metric Tons per day. Owing to our persistent efforts, we have marked our presence by having steady Market Consumption and current capacity of over 562 Metric Tons Feed per day. Very well aware of the available resources advantage, HAF is capable of turning them into great opportunities to fuel the company growth.

Our Rich and Elite League of R & D Experts

  • Dr. (Miss) S. P. Jyotiraditya (Ph. D Cattle Nutrition)
  • Dr. (Miss) S. R Pepelaa (Ph. D Rumen Micro Biology, Germany)
  • Dr. Aloa Caberli (Ph.D Livestock Nutrition - Denmark)
  • Dr. C. Kathirvelan (M.V. Sc. Pharmacology)
  • Dr. J. S. Steadwell (Ph. D, R.V.R.C, U.K.)
  • Dr. Joan Zumbargo (Ph.D Energy Fusion - France)
  • Dr. Ravindra Bhaskaran (Ph. D Poultry Nutrition)
  • Dr. S. P. Tiwari (Ph. D Cattle Nutrition)
  • Dr. Samuel O - Drofa Barino (Ph. D, Equine Nutriton U.K.)
  • Dr. T. Hariharan (M.V. Sc. Ratite Nutrition)
  • Dr. T. S. Kumaresan (M.V. Sc. Animal Nutrition).

Why Hindustan Animal Feeds is the Global Customers 1st Choice?
Why we are leaders in Animal Nutrition and Bird Nutrition?
Why you should prefer our Product Line?
Why Hindustan Animal Feeds?

The answer is.... simple

  • Large Variety of Products
  • 100% Organic Feed Products
  • Absolutely Result Oriented and Hygienic Product line
  • Located in Agricultural Rich Country of the World
  • Mammoth Supply Ability
  • 100% Accountable Feed Producer
  • Feed Formulation from Grains and Pulses
  • No Quality and Policy Compromise
  • Free Nutritional Consultation Facility
  • Feeds produced on Geographical Location Basis
  • Feed Formulation on the basis Seasonal Nutritional Needs
  • Located very near to Kandla Port, Mundra Port and Pipavav Port
  • D& B Listed Company
  • League of Worlds Best Animal Nutritionist
  • Excellent Client Servicing
  • Believes in Quality
  • Prefers Quality Part of the feed rather than feed economics
  • Good Feed Animals and Birds as they are the source of Human Nutrition
  • Availability of wide variety of Ingredients in India
  • 24 x 7 Customer Care and Consultation.

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